Wednesday, April 4, 2012

L-Sit Pull Ups, an Incredible Ab and Back Workout

L-sit pull ups are an incredible exercise that not only puts tremendous stress on the abs, but also the lats. Imagine combining a sick ab workout with a tough back /bicep workout, and this is what you come out with. These can be performed with either a wide or narrow grip, but if you feel like your pretty strong, go for the wide grip.

To do normal l-sit pull ups, simply hang form a bar or rings , your hands shoulder-width apart, and lift your legs straight up into an l-sit position. From here, lift up until your chin crosses the bar, and then come down. Make sure to come all the way down, as the hardest contractions and benefits will happen at the bottom of each repetition.

To perform them with the wide grip, do the same thing, but spread your hands farther apart. With these it is EXTREMELY important to go to the bottom of each rep, because this makes them much harder. To get the most benefit for your lats on this one, it is absolutely necessary to go all the way to a dead hang after each exercise.

When doing these, try to keep your lags parallel to the floor, i.e. don't start to sag or raise them when going up and down. A few sets of these will leave you almost unable to do anything, so get ready to feel a burn!

Good Luck Training!

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